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Ammo/Gun stuff availability


Is it me or does there seem to be something really wrong with the availability of ammo, guns, parts etc.? I know I have heard everything in the world but do we think that gunowners have caused a deficit of EVERYTHING associated with weapons? I can't order a magazine spring for crying out loud not to mention ANY type of ammo. The govt has supposedly tried to order BILLIONS of rounds for DHS...why? You know. I've owned weapons for over 5 decades and shot/hunted with them. I have not seen a time when this degree of absence of firearms related items has happened. I have read and researched that the Obama administration is pressuring all manufacturers to cut back and withhold. Has anyone heard the same or have any info? I think it is a power play to impose rationing whether legal or not. Anyone got any ideas? If this is the way it goes patriots are sol unless we get manufacturers on our side.
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