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James K-

Upon looking at Speer #13, I see I was wrong .... they state on page 339, left column, 3/4 down the page, that "because of industry concerns over shooters using JS-type ammunition in the weaker (and tighter bored) model 1888 action, the industry pressure limit is unusually low - 37,000 CUP."

I was off by a whole 1000 CUP ......

They go on to state that their 8x57 max loads are around 50K CUP, and not to be used in any 1888 action.

As for bad things happening to an '88 from 50K CUP loads ..... that's from personal experience ...... 50gr of 414 under a 170r jacketed bullet is not a good thing to do to a late 19th century firearm ...... an ounce of "not a good idea" prevention is worth $250 worth of Gunsmith cure ....
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