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Pocket guns by class

Originally Posted by Gone_Now View Post
If the 9mm is loaded properly, it easily has twice the power of a 380 of the same size. Since nobody thinks that a 9mm pocket auto is a powerhouse anyway, why is anyone kidding themselves that a 380 is ok as a manstopper? It's got about the same "power" as a Stinger out of a .22lr rifle barrel, 165 ft lbs. Whereas the 9mm, with the CorBon 100 gr load, has almost 400 ft lbs.

No, you won't win any IPSC matches with a DAO pocket 9,. but so what? They wont even let enter any matches with a 380! :-) The realistic distance for civilian defensive use is 10 ft, anyway.

Funny how peope "think" that the horrible trigger pull and awkward, unsafe handling of an SA derringer or mini revolver is "ok", but a DAO pocket 9 is not. :-)
Ive seen a couple reports of .380 hornady and 9mm hornady and on ballistic gell there is 1 inch difference in penitration and maybe a tiny bit in expansion. Shot with either would leave no real world stopping power difference. If you want to look it up, its on mouse guns blog.
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