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So plated bullets are OK in a Glock? They can be treated as jacketed bullets in terms of cleaning protocols?
Mr. Passamaneck apparently believed so. I would caution that some plated bullets aren't very different from plain lead. I've seen some with plating that was very thin and didn't really do anything in terms of reducing leading issues.
Glock 21's do not have polygonal rifeling. Other caliber glocks do. My stock Gen 3 - 21c does not.
All stock Glock pistols have polygonal rifling. If yours does not, then it has a replacement aftermarket barrel.

I will say that it's not that easy to tell exactly the nature of the Glock rifling by looking down the bore. It becomes more obvious when you recover a fired bullet. Instead of having conventional rifling grooves, the bullet is squeezed into a polygonal shape.

Here's a thread that discusses the topic and has some pictures.
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