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57k, since you like the Texas DPS approach, and say that's the current FBI approach, would you agree with my statement that the current FBI protocol is a good objective measure? Better than anecdotes at least? That was my only point.
I certainly wouldn't ignore it, but in reality the average armed citizen is not likely to encounter some of these barriers. I mainly focus on penetration after 4 layers of denim. I'm not a big fan of subsonic handgun loads, even newer technology and bonded bullet loads, and I disagree with a number of Fackler's opinions. Even though I mostly use the .45 ACP, I still carry a 500 + Ft/Lb load. The Rem. 185 gr. Golden Saber +P that will penetrate deeper in my water jug tests than a 230 gr. JHP. I don't personally use the .357 SIG because I handload and only one company makes a carbide sizing die and it's very expensive. Adequate caseneck tension is one of the biggest challenges in reloading the cartridge. In the near future I will be developing a load to replicate the 147 gr. JHP load in 9mm that the DPS found to pass their tests. But, unlike their's mine won't need a +P+ label and if everything goes as planned it will not even need a +P designation. But this load will only work in pistols with long throats like the Ruger P series or the pistol the DPS used that I have, the SIG/Sauer P-226.
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