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I think the key there is that the 1911 was the MAIN sidearm, and went up against the Luger, P38, Berettas, Tokarevs, and other foreign revolvers. It also was against the BHP during WWII.

The S&W M&P was issued in much smaller numbers, and for a shorter period of time.

I'm more of a revolver guy, and a S&W guy, but facts are facts.
I agree. I love my S&W wheel guns, but the 1911 gets my vote:

#1 1911
#2 S&W Hand Ejectors, particularly in .38 special
#3 Colt SAA

The 1911 is just a pain in the rear. I have spent too much money on 1911's that did not work properly. I have certainly wasted too much time testing malfunctioning guns that should have worked from the factory. I added up all my receipts a few years back. This was over the course of six guns and nearly 10 years. I could have had a very nice Heirloom Precision gun and several thousand rounds of ammo for that money. I will sell a gun that needs to be tested; the 1911 has burned out that desire. I used to think of it as a challenge, but now it's just an exercise in frustration and pocketbook willpower.

I know everyone likes to praise the design, but it's really not that good. The cartridge has to bounce around too much to get into the chamber. Hilton Yam has written quite a bit about how the gun needs to be modified, tested, and maintained so cartridges continue to flow correctly into the chamber.
Yikes, where to begin. Yes, they can be a pain, but it isn't the design. You say the design isn't that good, but the design itself isn't all that different than today's semi autos. They all operate on basically the same principle. Also, in a properly built 1911 with an internal extractor, it should NOT allow the cartridge to "bounce around" into the chamber uncontrolled; the cartridge should be held by the internal extractor during feeding cycle.

That said, umpteen different companies produce 1911s and their magazines (crap mags afflict the 1911 platform the same way crap mags impact ARs). And each company makes their 1911 a little differently (varyingd specs). If you had 25+ different companies making Glocks, not to the exact same specifications, I'd bet we'd here lots of stories of troubled Glocks too. I do agree that buying a 1911 is not as easy as going in and buying a Glock, XD, Sig, etc for these reasons.

My 1911 runs everything 100%, except for 230 Grain Blazer CCIs. And once I replaced my mainspring with a new one from Wolf that turned out to be defective (only 50% of the required closing strength).

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