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Great Stuff!

lamarw, thank you for that link! I don't want to hijack the thread but I'm very interested to hear if others agree with his assessment of the STI Trojan. In case you don't want to filter thru, he says:

"Next up is, by far, my favorite 1911 in this category, the STI Trojan. It’s got the smoothest controls, the best trigger, and, frankly, just the best build quality of any I’ve experienced at its price. The Trojan’s frame is cast and offers a very high grip, due to the cut out under the trigger guard. The front strap uses the popular chain link pattern for a secure grip. Though it works well for me, I do prefer checkering. The slide serrations are large and a bit unsightly, but very easy to grip. The trigger and mainspring housing are plastic, which is a downside to an otherwise excellent pistol. Mine has a few options, such as a hard chrome finish, an ambi safety, and a red fiber optic front sight. This 1911 is a pleasure to shoot at the range and does everything exceptionally well. The cocobolo grips with the logo are a nice touch. Keep in mind that the Trojan comes standard with thin grips, but mine has the ambi option, so standard thickness grips had to be used. Roll markings are large with the left side sporting a horse that looks to have been drawn by a preschooler. Fortunately, new production Trojans have this design omitted. If you want the best $1000 1911 on the market, look no further. I’ve been pushing this 1911 on potential buyers for years now and will continue to do so."
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