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jason41987 ask:

now my question will be, why did you buy a dogleg mount if you never actually intended to use it?.. im quite content with side mounts, like the ability to be able to drop a lever and pull it off.. but it just makes me curious
Originally I plan on setting up the red dot along with a 3x magifier much like the M4 which would have place it on the top cover. But I changed my mind after a lot of research of the rifle and caliber noting that it's accruacy is at best 150m and under, so I don't need the magifier. I moved the red dot up on the rifle to give me the best view of the red dot, sights, and potential targets.

My choice of sight placement was a after-thought and wasn't discovered until after I had purchase and mount the dogleg. I still like having the dogleg so that I'm not looking around for the top cover, plus I'm currently looking for a adjustable rear sight to mount on the rail as I have the fix sight that Texas Assault System offer with their dogleg.
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