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It really is going to come down to personal choice as many have said. I have owned an AR, 2 Saiga AK's (308 and 7.62X39) I fully converted, and 4 SKS's. I think they are all fine weapons and you can't go wrong with any of them. Personally I like the 7.62X39 round better than the 5.56, just my preference. It is cheaper and can still be found with ease even in these panic times.

The only one of these weapons I currently own is the SKS which I know you didn't ask for. It is my favorite of the 3 and there is no better gun for the money spent in my opinion. Simple, reliable, and inexpensive.

I am waiting for the market to return to somewhat normal and lower prices and I intend to purchase another AK before the end of the year, at least I hope so. They are fun to shoot, reliable, and simple to work on.

Good luck in whatever you go with. Of course we are in America (at least for now), no reason not to buy one of each.
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