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the question is "Which handgun is America's sidearm? ".
there is absolutly no question in my mind, there are only 2 handguns that fit the bill. the saa 45 and the 45 cal 1911 in all their forms. they are the most natural feeling of all handguns. if there is an advantage one over the other it would be the faster loading 1911. i am happy to say i have both.

now if the dabate was about "americas rifle" there are just 2 rifles in my mind, the winchester lever action and the ar-15. for the speed of loading the ar-15 would have the edge.

to me these are the 4 most iconic firearms in our nations history and i am proud to say i voted with my pockerbook for them.

now ......does anyone want to volunter which are "americas shotguns" ?
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