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It makes it America's primary military sidearm, but when you get right down to it, the S&W hand ejector was FAR more popular commercially than the 1911 was until the 1980s.
Oh, and Colt even sold tons more revolvers commercially than it did 1911s...
Colt also sold more 1903s commercially than it did 1911s during the same period.
So, really, it took the 1911 70 years, or pretty much when it was ending its term as America's standard military sidearm, to become really popular commercially.
Ok but what might be a really good reason for that? Maybe a high pct of production going into two separate world wars? Also it was more expensive as a civilian arm.

I will admit, now it's making up for lost time.
In a way, S&W did as well, but in a different way. Rossi, Taurus and the low quality Spanish copies, copied S&W, notably the M&P.

Another consideration with the M&P is how Colt introduced the DA revolver in 1877, before S&W, and the DA swing out cylinder in 1889, before S&W. So the great M&P did borrow signifcant aspects of its design. The 1911 was way more an original design whereas the M&P was somewhat more a perfection of older technology which was introduced by makers other than S&W.

The S&W was largely issued to police and agencies because the 1911 was considered over kill IMO AND the M&P was cheaper. The M&P was also reliable, in a proven caliber so it worked. It is and was a great design, but was not near as ground breaking as was the 1911.
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