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My vote is for all variants of the S&W J-Frame. My guess is there are more J-Frames in pockets out there than there are 1911's in holsters on belts. "America's Gun" is the one that nobody talks about, but saves lives every night.

The 1911 is just a pain in the rear. I have spent too much money on 1911's that did not work properly. I have certainly wasted too much time testing malfunctioning guns that should have worked from the factory. I added up all my receipts a few years back. This was over the course of six guns and nearly 10 years. I could have had a very nice Heirloom Precision gun and several thousand rounds of ammo for that money. I will sell a gun that needs to be tested; the 1911 has burned out that desire. I used to think of it as a challenge, but now it's just an exercise in frustration and pocketbook willpower.

I know everyone likes to praise the design, but it's really not that good. The cartridge has to bounce around too much to get into the chamber. Hilton Yam has written quite a bit about how the gun needs to be modified, tested, and maintained so cartridges continue to flow correctly into the chamber. The vast majority of gun owners do not have the skills to keep the gun running properly (10-8s 1911 class will solve that). Not that it stops Americans; we forge ahead over the 1911 cliff despite the danger. Bigger is better and expensive and bigger is "more betterer".
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