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i like to give completely unbiased opinions on questions such as these... everyone has their favorites, but ill look at the facts

for the HK91/cetme, this is a delayed blowback operated rifle which doesnt have an independant gas system to eject the cartridges.. so to aid in this, the chamber has to be fluted... when the cartridge expands on a fluted chamber itll leave marks in the brass lengthwise, and though its still safe to reload this brass as long as its not also damaged on extraction like what happens with a lot of G3 type rifles, itll still shorten the life of the brass, so if youre a reloader id look at the other options.. however, if you dont care about reloading i love the simplicity of delayed blowback actions

then theres the M1A, i love the design, huge fan of the garand and its ancestors, but entirely from facts i would point out the biggest factor on the M1As are cost... the cost of the initial rifle itself is rather high, and for an equivelant stock to a stock you might find on an SKS, mini-14, etc youd have to pay on average 4x as much, so the cost of accessories are pretty high, though if money is no object id go this route

then lastly is the FAL.. the FAL in itself isnt an overly complicated design either, using a tilting block vs rotating bolt, and FALs are known to be just as accurate as the other two and it tends to be easier to customize, add optics, etc and can go toe to toe with any modern rifle, and these can be found for around the same price of an HK91 (best one out there is probably the PTR family of rifles)

if i had to choose one, id choose the FAL for it being a decent price point and very expandable, customizable platform and i do have to factor in value, i never buy something unless i feel its well worth the cost and i feel the FAL offers the best price point and offers the most features (while still being relatively reloader-friendly)
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