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<SNIP>Illinois State Police has determined that further review was required as a result. They tell me that all they see is that there is a "retail theft" that popped up and nothing more is shown beyond that, they told me that they have to contact a rep in the FBI or something? I guess they cannot see that I was a juvenile/minor at the time? since "retail theft" 11 years ago was all they see?<SNIP>

...the usual "I am not a lawyer" crap here...

Get a lawyer and have your juvenile records expunged, sealed, or destroyed; whatever that will make the crap disappear. As a rule, juvenile records are suppose to be closed and confidential. In theory, a retail theft record at the age of 15 should not have any bearing on your ability to own a firearm, but in a Non-Free State, your at the guberment's mercy. Did I say get a lawyer and get it wiped?
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