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Is the 380 Still Going Strong?

Originally Posted by Gone_Now View Post
That doesn't make it a manstopper. :-) But you just go ahead and believe iin the 380. Far be it from me to steal anyone's security blanket. 35 years ago, I knew a little Asian lady, who had had obscene phone calls made to her while her hubby was working contruction, 100's of miles away. He got her a single shot .22 rifle, and she kept it in her closet. It comforted her. I made the mistake of asking her if she had ammo,had shot it, etc. She did not and had not. I "stole" her sense of security and could offer nothing in its place. Very bad thing to have done.

Remember Platt and Matix, in Miami, 1988. Matix was struck full in the face by a plus P .38 lhp, from 5 yds or less, from a 2" barrel, and it did not penetrate to his brain. Both of those murderers were shot in the head, from 6 ft of range or less,, 3x each, with a 4" barreled revolver, same load. After penetrating the windshield, not one of those 6 bullets penetrated their craniums. Now, take a load with considerably less power than the .38 plus P lhp, and calculate how "good" it is, ok?
No handgun round short of .44 magnum is truly a "manstopper". People have survived head shots from .357 magnums and .45s, and have been killed by single shots from a .22 Short. Single-incident anecdotes aren't reliable evidence, which is the same basic reason "stop percentages" are a meaningless statistic. When the circumstances, distance, JHP designs and size of people involved are different in each scenario, it's impossible to make a conclusive caliber judgment. The only real objective standards of evidence we have for round effectiveness right now are the FBI and IWBA gel and barrier tests, which show that the .380 ACP performs a lot like a standard pressure .38 Special, a round that has done the job for many years. Not ideal, but not ineffective.
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