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From what I can tell from the descriptions. The standard is passive retention, where it just snaps over the trigger guard.

The roto feature allows for adjusting the cant{angle}at which the gun is positioned. It will also sit farther away from the body, which isn't ideal for conceal carry but would be suitable for your purpose. This one is the same as the standard holster, but with the cant adjustment.

The other from what I gather allows for some amount of retention adjustment. Another words, you can adjust how easy or hard it is to remove the gun from the holster. It really looks identical to the standard but probably has an adjustment screw.

Anyone of them would work. I bought a standard Fobus for my 5906 when I was going to try USPSA. When going thru the safety check, the first time I drew my weapon, the holster came with it right out of my pants. {lol} Make sure your belt is cinched tight enough.

Go have fun, listen to what the range officer tells you. Just take your time, and be safe. Remember, finger out of the trigger guard when not shooting.
Make sure you have 4 mags, minimum. You might want to pick up a couple cheap double mag pouches also
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