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My short list shares a couple with yours. Probably more regulated by availability than economy though.
CZ75B or BD. Range gun, not for carry, so the de-cocker feature of the "D" isn't a necesity.
Glock 17. Not the 19 as on your list, but the same model that started it all.
As for wheel guns, I Checked tge first one off my list a couple months agobwith the purchase of a Ruger LCR Spcl +P.
Still on the list:
Charter Arms Bulldog Stainless 44 Spcl
Taurus Tracker 992 22LR/22WMR.
I can only list tese four as absolute wants. #5 could be anything from a Sig P6 I've been eyeing at a LGS to a Heritage Rough Rider 22/22Mag 3 1/2" Birdshead grip I've really been liking on latey. Or just another barrel/scope or two for my T/C Contender.
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