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First One: I was going through a haunted house that my wife works at each year. She took a break and went through with me, I got free admission for being family. We get put in the VIP line and move to the front and get lumped in with the group that's about to enter the front door. Somehow I wind up at the front of our little pack with my wife beside me... right behind me is another couple. But for some reason this lady feels the need to keep reaching for my waist and not her own man every time she get scared. It just so happens that my waist was adorned with a XD45 and I thought that someone was grabbing for my weapon. I sliced my arm down and connected onto her wrist. I wanted to apologize but it was too dark to see exactly which person it was in the group.

Second One: Most of the time when we go to eat at a restaurant we sit at a booth. You know the ones with the vinyl covered cushions? I always leave a mark... the imprint of the slide of my pistol.
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