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My input...

1st off, if you are a new TFL member, welcome;
2nd, it's refreshing to know you want to know & understand the local-state gun/use of force laws. Many gun & tactics forum members seem to have a hey, so what mindset or live in a fantasy-world w/o LE investigations, civil lawsuits, laws, or any ramifications from a use of force event.

For travel or firearms related issues, I'd see: .

If you plan to carry a firearm or have a valid CC license/permit, have a legal plan/system set up to aid you in a emergency/legal jam.

If you are pumping gas at a service station at 1130pm & something goes sideways, you can deal with it.
Or if you are by your hotel/resort room & things go sideways, you'll be in a better position to address the legal/use of force issues.

As a hotel/resort security guard in a few locations near a popular tourist area, I used to say; "They came here on vacation, where did their brains go?"
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