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But you just go ahead and believe iin the 380. ...
Far be it from me to steal anyone's security blanket.
Dunno about you, but I don't "believe" in any Handgun caliber. There aren't any "guarantees" even when shotgun slugs or rifle bullets are being used.

I've known any number of folks who looked at their choice of one or another of the major defensive/service center-fire handgun calibers as some sort of "security blanket", or, even worse, seemed to have chosen their caliber because of some sort of "talisman effect".

Then, there's the handgun hunters, some of whom seem intent to virtually proselytize the use of "heavy-hitting, bone-breaking, deep-penetrating" large caliber SWC bullets for use in handguns carried for dedicated defensive use against human attackers (versus large, dangerous feral animals).

It's a handgun.

Everything about a handgun is a compromise, caliber included.
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