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First, here they are to compare and contrast, Diamondback and Python.

I know what imfdb says about Tyne Daily in the Enforcer, but it many shots it does look like a Diamondback. There are numerous errors in iamfdb, and keep in mind, it is only the opinion of their editors based on screen shots, its not like they got the proof of their claims for gun identification. For example, in the pic in this thread. Notice the profile of the hammer, it comes straight back, and the spur looks almost parallel to the barrel, as if it hardly has a curve at all - that is a diamondback profile. A Python hammer spur arches up, and is more proud. It is also more diagonal overall, pointing up slightly compared to the bore axis. Also, a diamondback hammer is shorter and more stout at the neck, but a Python hammer has a thin neck and is longer. In that photo, it definitely more closely resembles a Diamondback hammer. Here is another shot making the hammer look short and stout, not longer and thin.

Also, there is the trigger guard. On a diamondback, it tapers down forward from the back or you could say it enlarges slightly as you go from the front to the back, towards the grip. However, a Python trigger guard is almost perfectly symmetrical. In the shot of Tyne Daily top, it looks as though the trigger guard is enlarging although it is obscured by the plant.

And finally, if you look at the cylinder, it looks like it is a large part of the gun, which it is for either model. However, the D frame of the Diamondback is smaller and therefor makes the cylinder appear larger. The cylinder size was actually made for the Colt medium frame E and I, so the Python looks more natural, like each part size is appropriate, and well proportioned.

I think it was a Diamondback BUT they could have used both. Perhaps for shooting sequences the Diamondback or vice versa, with the PYthon being for carry sequences. The Python would have certainly been heavier for her to carry throughout the movie than a diamondback.
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