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You see a lot of these stories coming out of WW1 and WWII where Grandpa brought "his" pistol home. It is always interesting to me since the M1911's and M1911A1's were not "his" pistol since they belonged to the U.S. Government.

I do not believe the U.S. Government ever gave them away legally to soldiers or sailors. There are even more than a few of them out there where the returning servicmen or someone filed off the serial numbers and even the UNITED STATE PROPERTY marking since they knew they were misappropriated to use a nicer term than stolen. One has to assume they were just crammed in the duffle bags, slung over the shoulder and brought home.

Except for the ones with removed or altered serial numbers, it hardly matters now since these old pistols are no longer Service. In fact many were legally purchased through the Army Depots in the past.
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