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My normal CCW is an HK P2000 LEM in .357 SIG. I've got an ex-Army buddy who is an Air Marshal now so I carry their duty load: Speer Gold Dot. I also have a G35 which spends 98% of its life with a Jarvis .357 SIG barrel installed. That 5.1 inch barrel really helps get the last bit of velocity out of a load. It will smack the crap out of anything 100-125 yards away with no holdover.

Oh, and I had a custom DI AR pistol in .357 SIG built by Ron Williams as well. LW lower that uses the G31 mags. 9" barrel. I keep meaning to file the SBR paperwork for it so that I can install a stock. But it does work well right now.

I'll have to pick up a box of this Underwood Ammo to try in my guns.

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