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Streamlining my collection.

Well after much thinking and soul searching I decided to streamline my handgun collection. Interested in hearing your thoughts.

-I sold my Ruger SR.22. Reason: I was shooting it more than my other handguns due to the price of ammo. I will not allow myself to get another .22 handgun, at least for the foreseeable future. I now find I am shooting my .9mm and .45, and .357s more, although not as much as the .22. Still, I think it paid off as the .22 was not the weapon I used for self defense.

-2 I sold my CZ P-01. Reason I have a Beretta M9 and Glock 17. I decided that, although, I enjoyed shooting the CZ, I would rather stick with the Glock, especially as I plan on buying a Glock .19. This way the magazines for both Glocks could be used in either firearm. At the same time, additional magazines for the Glocks are cheaper and there are a host of extra products for the Glocks that I have not seen for the CZ. I have kept the M9 mainly out of nostalgia due to my service in the military. But, yes I do still miss the CZ.

-3 I sold my Ruger SP101 .357. I reasoned that I have the Ruger LCR and GP-100 both .357. Both CCW and hunting can be covered with the LCR and GP100. The money from the SP101 went toward ammo.

-4. I sold my .22 Pucara revolver. Same reasoning that I sold the Ruger SR22. I now find myself shooting my .357s more, although mainly with .38 rounds for practice.

-5. I bought a Glock 21 .45 ACP. I have come along way since I thought I would never buy a Glock. I must admit I am totally sold on this European firearm and am now looking at getting a Glock 30S. I do have two 1911s in .45 which I will keep and IMO are the most beautiful semi autos ever made.

Well there it is. Overall I am pretty contented with the move. I have a lot more ammo and money put aside for the two Glocks I plan on getting this year. I also bought two additional magazines for the Glock17.
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