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I knew that some people would mention the SAA because of its success as a design in its time, and how there are many imitators. However, it had a much shorter service life, and technology wise, it was more on the obsolete side, much sooner than the 1911. The US army attempted to replace it with the early DA colts such as the 1889 and 1892. The design was decent, but the ctg lacked the power our military wanted. Then in 1909, the New Service (the Colt large frame pre war DA) was made in 45 colt for the Army. Then two years later, the 1911 came out.

The 1911 IMO is more relevant in more ways today. You have the USMC ordering new ones, people shoot them competitively, people still carry the 1911, probably some places in the world, the 1911 is still issued. There have been leaps forward since the 1911 including the DA semi auto pistol, double stack magazine, but if you look at the entire picture, the 1911 is still relevant today in many ways. The SAA is more nostalgic than useful, although some people are really damn good with them, and they prefer them, and that is fine. Despite that, I doubt that any military still issues a SA revolver, and I doubt the USMC will be ordering SAAs for combat use. Just my opinion...

Also, I am a little surprised that so many are in agreement, but I guess when you present the 1911s story and history, its a little hard to debate. Had someone else started this thread, I think I would have had to agree.

I started the thread as "America's sidearm" but I have to admit "America's pistol" sounds better, but I didn't want a tangent in my thread about the single chamber of a "pistol" vs the multiple chambers of a revolver.
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