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There were a few articles about the recent pocket gun proliferation brought on by the glut of new gun owners, often inexperienced, wanting a gun to have on their person but not wanting to take the effort to dress appropriately around it.

We've had 25s, 32s, 380s around for decades, but they've never been as popular as now, and gunmakers haven't been churning out entire model lines of compact 380s and 9s as of late.

It's often very hard to hit a sweet spot on one of these guns that has good recoil, good accuracy, and a good trigger--while remaining small. The ones that stand out are the P232, baby 1911 Sigs (238, 938) Seecamps, Bobergs, Colt Mustang, Walther PPK/S, and a few others. All of these are tiny enough, but good enough to carry as a reliable and accurate firearm.

On the other end of the spectrum you have all the Rugers, Kel-Tecs, Tauruses, and other nasty plastic little guns that have crappy sights, crappy triggers, mean recoil, and iffy reliability and accuracy.

The Bodyguard, P290, Nano are somewhere in between size-wise and trigger wise. Some love them, some hate them. Same goes for QC.

Baby Glocks are fat. The PPS is great, but on the biggish side. The G36 is almost as big as a G30. The Shield is a good compromise, but all of these are on the larger and no-longer pocket gun category. If you bother to holster one of these, might as well go bigger (unless you're a small person, like my wife, then these tend to be perfect).
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