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Wish list (the short version).

Sadly, as prices of guns and heating oil both continue to go up at an unreasonable rate, I find myself unable to buy much in the way of guns. Even shooting the ones I have is getting to be a challenge.
So, I've been taking some time to really hone down my wish list. There are a ton of gun's I'd like to own, but this is my short list - the guns I'm actually going to actively pursue. I have them listed in the order I plan on getting them rather than by how much I want them.

1) Ruger GP100 4" - Shares a cartridge with my sp101, but should work better for range work. Probably destined to be my "bedside gun".

2) Ruger SBH 4" - I've always wanted a .44mag, and I've always wanted a "cowboy gun", plus I won't have to chase brass to reload.

3) CZ 75bd - I like the feel of it, I want a SA/DA, and it can be had for less than a SIG.

4) Dan Wesson vbob - I miss having a 1911 shooter, DW has a stellar reputation, and the vbob has all the features I like.

5) Glock 19 - A modern classic, and a gun I've been circling for years. I might go for a 23 instead just because I'd also like a .40.

So that's my short list. I assume you all have yours.
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