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Alright so i guess i need to clarify a few things.
i would like a rifle that will be AT LEAST 1.5 MOA. i know this bumps up my price range a bit but i can deal with that. i have a friend that has a M1A (not sure what model it looks perdy standard to me) and when we go to the 1000 yd range we can ring that gong all 20 rnds out of the mag with the open sights! granted the target is about the size of a minivan door painted white. but to me thats still a heck of a accomplishment. i want a rifle that has that capability. ive been looking on gunbroker and the FAL's have really caught my eye. the CIA rifles have an awesome pricepoint but....CAI dosent really have a great reputation that im willing to hang 1000$ on, unless someone can convince me otherwise?
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