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I have heard great things about them and I like the fact that’s it’s a glock like gun with a manual safety.
I would like to shoot one next to my G26 and see how it compares since having handled one it’s a little more comfortable than my 26 in my hand.
Some things I noticed, I thought the magazine release was a much better design and easier on the thumb than the 26 but the slide release was a little small for fast work. The grip angle was better (lower angle for the barrel when held comfortably) and the checkering on the back strap and side panels are much better than the 26 (which has none to speak of on the side).
Again this is all bull since I haven’t fired one yet but retail 200 under the 26 will sell a lot of them. Not to mention it’s a Ruger.
The gun store is going to add one to their rental guns and when they do I will try a couple of boxes and if it’s as good as I am hearing here and other places it will become a family member.
Nice report WiscBuckmaster.
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