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a lot of people on here may be former military, so youre probably going to get a larger number of people preferring the AR15, theyre used to its known issues... anyway, im incredibly biased, both have their flaws and advantages

neither the AR15 nor the AK is perfect... for the AR15 i dislike the spring next to my ear, i dislike the magazine issues due to the rifle designed with a straight magwell requiring the top third of the mag to be straight while feeding a tapered cartridge, or the face you have a hard steel bolt riding inside a soft aluminum upper... when you have a hard metal on a soft surface it generates a lot of friction requiring regular lubrication, and if lubricated too much its a dust magnet

for the AK, its not a very expandable or customizable platform, its nowhere near as easy to swap barrels, change calibers, you cant have a seperate upper for different cartridges which has its benefits, and the best optics platform adds weight (side mount).. and the ergonomics are awful as theres no thumb actuated safety, the grip feels like holding a pencil and the stock is a bit short, and the sight danging off the end of the barrel makes it easier to bump, and the top cover can be VERY annoying to get back on on some AKs

the AR15 is easier to expand on, easier to repair, better optics platform, and more accessories with better ergonomics while the AK has a better design in magazines, better gas system (ill take a direct impinged AR15 over a piston AR any day) and for the receiver rails, magazines, and more rearward moving mass, the AK is much more reliable

so which do i prefer?.. none of them to be honest... which do i own? the AK-74, as its flaws are easier to overcome than those of the AR15 as i can add a side mount, add a better grip, longer stock.. i cant add rails to an ar15, i cant change the magazines, i cant remove the buffer spring next to my ear

my preferred rifle is actually what id consider to be a combination of the two... the sig-551 which combines the ergonomics, optics platform, and better sights of the AR15, with the magazines, gas system, and better reliability of the AK... essentially combining the best of both designs
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