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Of the four listed by the OP my Ruger SR1911 has had problems feeding both the Winchester loads, so they're out for me in my 1911. My PX4 .45 loves the Winchester Ranger +P 230 grain JHP, so that's what I carry in the PX4.

I had sub-par velocity issues with several lots of the 230 grain Golden Saber, so it's also out for me, though it is a great feeding round.

I have fired 58 (eight magazines worth) rounds of the Federal HydraShok 230 grain JHP with no feeding problems, and nice accuracy. I fires it strong-handed, weak-handed, and two handed with no problems, so it's my current preferred carry round in my 1911. I know it's "older" technology, but for me reliability trumps "better bullet". I'm very comfortable with it.
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