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Wreck: The weapon is a Sig 1911-22. It only has windage adjustment in the rear as far as I know.

John: What about a tri-dot style sight? I don't imagine filing down would do much good. I might just have to wait on sighting period because the recent rush on .22lr has made it nearly impossible for me to find a reliable source of any particular type.

orion: At 10 yards this weapon seemed to be shooting 2 inches low of center. After swapping the sights I was about .5 inches high at 10 yards. The problem is that one set of front sights puts me 2 inches low, the other .5 inches high. Ou to 25 yards is where I want to be, eventually.

roberg: Within 1 inch at 5 yards, within 2.5 inches at 10. Haven't tried anything out to 15 yet with this particular firearm. The weapon is a training tool for marksmanship and later for basic defensive handling, nothing more or less than that. As for skills and tools, depends on what you mean by fix. Right now I just want to troubleshoot. I'm trying to use CCI mini-mags in, as I mentioned before, a Sig 1911-22, and I was aware that grain and velocity were a factor, but not that big of one. I'm not out past 10 yards yet because I'm not confidant that there's anything to be gained by putting myself out to 25 when I can't yet get within 4" at 15. I'm simply trying to troubleshoot problems before they end up making my efforts to improve less effective.
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