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I took the weight off the Lyman website......

But yeah, I do have one. .50 cal.
How do I like it?
VERY, very much!
I shoot .490 RB with .015 patches, a really tight fit. I tried .495's and was afraid I was gonna bust my short starter! It shot OK, but I've read of a few complaints of cracked stocks at the bend in the .54 cal versions...the consensus was that it was not from the bore size, but rather the extra force required to start the .54 RB on a stand. I concur. Which is why I stick with the .490
I use 35gr of Pyrodex P and a Remington #11 cap for my most accurate load...and at 25 yards it's a tack-driver. Very pleased with the performance.
The gun actually looks more pleasing in person than in photos and is well-built. Trigger is nothing to write home about, but doesn't bother me. It also comes with a handy belt clip (which I removed for bench shooting, but still a nice touch!)
Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat!

Bottom view:

Top view:

Business end:

Lock view:
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