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Sorry, no 5.7 here.

I used to carry a gun chambered in .30Tok, but finally decided that the extra penetration was not worth giving up decent expansion or trading away capacity given that all the .30Tok guns have single-stack mags.

I guess you could do worse, but you should probably keep in mind that .30Tok and rounds like it have been around a very long time and their extreme penetration capabilities are well known. In spite of that, even militaries, who tend to be very concerned with body armor penetration, have not often chosen the fast .30 as an issue handgun round.

If you are really concerned about vests, you need to go to a long gun caliber or the FN 5.7 caliber. If the .30Tok was really a good solution for body armor, the FN 5.7 would never have even been invented.
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