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I LOVE the conspiracy theories here on TFL against WD-40.

You guys who say it gums up the works need to go out and dance by the light of the moon in the crop circles a little more. LOL

Great stuff. Keep my Cessna 185 seaplane corrosion free for decades.
I never said it could easily happen, but it only makes sense given its scope of properties. Chiefly, it is used often as a lubricant, when other lubricants such as Kroil are way better choices. You see paranoia mixed with lack of facts, but for the price difference between WD40 and the price of a good oil, there is no point to say "hey guys, it really doesn't gum up the works" when its a cheap solution to begin with. As if to say that any of our guns are not worth buying a quality lubricant for, when its common sense. If you want to save 79 cents (IE the price difference between WD40 and a quality oil is insignificant) to protect your $500 gun, if that's your way of prioritizing, then have fun, and good luck - you will probably need some.
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