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Is it better to knuckle down and learn to compensate and/or work with your weapon, or is this to be considered an issue with the weapon itself?
Most handgun sights come fairly well regulated, to the point that usually the shooter is the limiting factor --many cannot put their rounds in one consistent spot (no matter where that spot is).

Is this your only pistol, and are you unable/unwilling to spend the money on replacement sights? If so, then make an allowance for that sight, and you are done.

If you are shooting something like a 1911 or an S&W revolver, a number of different-height front sights are available...otherwise, a file is a less refined but effective approach.

All of my pistols shoot approximately POI=POA (and by that I mean an inch or so) up to 25 yards, and that point, I am the limiting factor.
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