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Funny how i mentioned this the other day about cleaning and lubing the clip and drew a laugh or two but they can get build up and cause it to stick and not feed.
What he said ^

Magazines are machines too, inspection and wipe down, inside and out is the minimum that I do when I clean the pistol. More often than not, if the mag has been on the ground or dropped or tossed, etc, etc... I take them apart for a good cleaning.

Now, I'm bad about how often I get around to cleaning my pistols, but the guns and magazines get done before the next outing.

So to the O/P. I'd check the mag first. Make sure it's in good shape and clean.

Mishandling a new gun or inadvertently tripping the safety is possible. Riding the slide and causing the missed feed is also possible. Double check your technique.

Watch for the problem next time out, isolate the magazines if it occurs again. Welcome to the best part of shooting - the learning curve.
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