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What exactly are you looking for???

Are you looking for a rifle that you could drive tacks with at 800m or just a battle rifle where you could easily hit a man size target at 300m?

I personally wanted a battle rifle so I got the DSA FAL carbine. I like the size and ergonomics of the rifle and with some upgrades (extended top railed cover, quad-forearm, extended selector lever, and L1A1 magazine release) I got what I wanted. I originally got a Aimpoint M4 for my AR but I think that I'm going to replace the base (lower quick release) and put it on my DSA carbine along with a twist off 3 or 4x magifier.

If you're looking for a tack driver then look at the Springfield M1A1 National Match but expect that you're going to pay as much for the scope (or more) as you do for the rifle if you want to be able to use the rifle to it full potential.
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