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I think you did good, at least for the time being. I would have followed up on the WD 40 with a good oil, probably just lubing the appropriate areas, and wiping the gun down in oil. This is due to what others have said about WD40, which I have found to be true myself. I use Kroil, but many people love break free, and then there is also ballistol. I stopped using rem-oil, although it never did me wrong either.

A quick side story about WD 40.
My grandfather (paternal) and my dad apparently both believed in using WD 40 on their guns, for everything - rust protectant, lube, cleaning, etc. One day my Uncle (my dad's brother) asked my grandfather to borrow his 1953 K-22 (which I now have). After getting the ok, my uncle grabbed the K-22 and some ammo, and went up to the woods (they lived in the country). He placed his target, loaded up the gun, and CLICK! Nothing happened. No matter he thought, as you do get misfires with 22s. Trigger pull, and CLICK! again. Now that seemed strange. Then pull-pull-pull- click, click click. My uncle realized something was wrong, and brought the gun back. I don't remember what he sprayed inside the gun, perhaps a gun cleaning solvent such as hoppes, and sure enough, a ton of gunk and crap drained out of the revolver because they hung the gun upside down after spraying the insides with solvent, that my uncle said was the result of my grandfather constantly spraying the gun inside and out with WD-40 - which meant the gun then attracted more dirt and debris, and this gunk slowed the action enough to where the gun could not set off any rounds. After the gunk drained out, and the gun was properly lubed, with some type of oil, the gun worked fine, and it still works great today. I have WD40, but I would use it moreso as a protectant BEFORE taking my guns out in some kind of weather, if I even thought that much ahead. For everything else, I use Kroil (I use solvents for cleaning).
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