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Taurus 92b-17 with built in security

My brother-in-law has one of the Taurus 92ss-17 stainless steel. like this one .

His is a little older model and doesn't have the built in security system.

I was so surprised by the weight, so light! It has a stainless finish with an alloy frame and has several hundred rounds through it.

I really loved how this thing shot, felt great in my hand.

The safety, slide release and magazine release were so familiar because of the Taurus i use to own as well as a S&W 5906 i previously owned.

The problem was that i didn't like the finish and found out they have the same gun with a Blue finish the Taurus 92b-17

Does anyone own one of the newer ones with the security built in? Before i go off and buy one I'd like to know if they are as reliable as the older model.
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