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Thanks for the recommendations

More information per Shane's post...
As I said, I love the officer frame format with the commander length slide barrel. For me, it would be semi-usable as a CCW (at least that's what I am telling myself). I'm still noodling that Sig 1911 RCS used @ 850.

Blue would be a new finish for me, but a Stainless is not a deal killer (I'd love the corrosion resistance of stainless with a blued or black finish).

A rail is probably a deal killer for me. To me, it just isn't a 1911 with the rail.

I like anti-snag sights that are easy to aquire and would prefer night sights. The low profile sights on the Colt I thought would be too difficult to acquire and would not be easy to replace.

I prefer a beaver tail safety and a loop hammer.
Ambi controls are not a requirement for me, but a decent trigger and reliability are.

When I buy firearms, I generally cannot afford the best (hence the budget) but I always try to buy very good quality, reliability and accuracy for my hard earned money.

This will most likely be my next, but not my last 1911.

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