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Priority #1 >BUY YOUR OWN LAND!!<
I cannot afford enough land to hunt the way I want to hunt. I've spent my entire life hunting public land where I can roam for miles in every direction. Even a 1000 acre tract of land seems like hunting on a postage stamp to me. That is the way I prefer to do it. It is harder, with far less success, but far more enjoyable to me than this.

Skill #
1. Planting Soybeans.
2. Planting Corn
3. Planting Clover
4. Planting Oats
5. Hanging around you hunting grounds so regularly that the deer pay you absolutely no attention.
6. Disregard all the traditional things always thought necessary to kill deer.

Watch the small ones and only shoot a big one every year or two. Meat hunt away from the trophy hunting land.
I'd prefer the game I kill to have never seen a human before if possible. I'm not overly critical of those who prefer this, in some places it is about the best option, but it is as exciting as shopping at Kroger to me.
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