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Conn. Trooper Wrote:
I have been to Blackwater (Now Academi) and it was top notch.

Funny thing is, I was on my way to the store this afternoon and drove by a small place called Academi in Salem,CT. (never seen it there before).

I stopped to check it out. They had mostly clothing and some small amount of firearm accessories when you walk in. They had an indoor shooting range in the basement, about 12 lanes. I asked and the guy said they allow 12 gauge shotguns with what ever ammo you want (as long as it's not flammable ammo)! This is huge for me because nowhere around me lets you pattern buckshot and this place is 10 minutes from my house! I went to their website and I guess it is an offshoot from the main Academi in SC. They offer some training courses in the CT branch as well (not as many as the SC offer due to the smaller size).

I definitely see myself spending many-a-weekend there.
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