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I got toy guns every Christmas when I was a kid

I recall a Civil War Union soldier set with a rifle, belt with ammo pouch and a cap.
Another year I got the WWII infantry set with an M1 with bayonet, hand grenades and a helmet. I think there were other accessories but I can't recall what,
One Christmas I got the set called the "Sarge" with a 1911 pistol, belt and holster and a helmet with the sergeant's patch screened on it.
When the James Bond movies with Sean Connery were popular I also got the 007 attache case with a pistol that converted into a rifle by adding a stock, scope and silencer. The case also had a code book, built in camera, smoke screen (actually talc) and a hidden knife you could pull out. I wish I had that baby now!
I remember running around the neighborhood with my friends having mock battles, fun times in the early to mid sixties!
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