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It's the probable explanation for why the Linebaugh institute found 500 grain Hornady RN Solids penetrated further from a .45-70 than from a .48 Win mag, which penetrated further than a .458 Lott. The faster they go, the more they yaw at impact, especially when fired up close and still not recovered from initial yaw after leaving the muzzle.

On pages 406 and 407 of Hatcher's Notebook are photos of damage done to oak by two identical 150 grain .30-06 rounds at two different ranges. The first impacted at 50 feet, and the other at 200 yards. The first one yawed and turned and penetrated 11.25 inches in the end, while the second penetrated 32.5 inches. So, the second one penetrated not quite three times further because it didn't yaw and made a straight line through the wood, despite striking the target going about 250 fps slower.
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