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My gun or my mistake?

Went to the range with the wife today and was shooting her SR22, when I encountered my first trigger pull without a discharge. I treated it like a misfire but was sure the last round was successful. I released the magazine and made sure a round wasn't chambered. I had loaded 10 rounds and thought six shots were fired, which was confirmed when I counted the holes in my target and the four remaining rounds in the magazine. So it seems like it was a misfeed from the magazine into chamber. After doing some searching on the web I couldn't find this as a typical misfire/misfeed. When I put the magazine back in the gun, the next round fired DA and the rest of the magazine fired with no problems.

Since I'm new to guns and this was only the third time the gun has been to the range, I can believe I did something wrong loading the magazine or accidentally flipping the safety. I can't honestly say for sure that the safety was on when I checked the gun, but I thought I had to flip it before checking the chamber. Could I have flipped the safety at some point during the 6th round that would still allow the gun to fire but not load the next round? What happened?
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