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I think the biggest thing people are not thinking about in a modern setting, is the implications of defining how far your RKBA goes.

For instance, in the next supreme court ruling they were to say that a 30 round magazine and semi-automatic platform was in common usage and legal. However, the states and federal government can ban everything that isn't SA and below (bolt, pump, muzzle-loader, etc) and doesn't have 30 rounds or less.

That essentially means that NO NEW TECHNOLOGY will ever be made available to the public, and this is why the NFA was so smart. It made the next evolution of firearms illegal, and with a long-standing law that is easily protected by precedent, the Semi-autos of today could look like the muzzle loaders of tomorrow.

Its stops anything else from being exposed and marketed to the public that isn't already in common usage. The 2nd Amendment ended with the NFA, and our supply of freedom has already run dry. We are stuck with out-dated technology forever.
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