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I would participate in the poll. My answer about firearm ownership is NO. My answer about many things is NO as opposed to "that's none of your business". None of your business is not usually one of the available choices.

Do you keep a supply of toilet paper inside your house? NO
Do you have more food than you need for the next week? NO
Do you have a savings account? NO
Do you have stocks and bonds outside of a retirement account? NO
Do you have a retirement account? NO
Do you have a job? NO
What is your view about the economy in the next 6 months? Worse
What's your view about the economy in the next year? Worse
Is the job situation in your area about the same as last year? YES
Do you expect the job situation to improve in the coming year? NO
Do you think the economy is better, the same, or worse than a year ago? Worse
Definitely the best of all responses
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