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Period style sights are a case of getting what you pay for.
They are precision products with a low production rate, so cost of good ones is high.

I used a Shaver Soule conversion for a while. The Shaver windage was fine, the imported elevation and eyepiece were marginal. My mentor said that I stayed with it about a year too long, that my skill had exceeded its precision.

I have seen a few of the high end Pedersoli tang sights in use at BPCR matches but the cheap ones by them and others are usually just a disappointment to new shooters trying to get by for less money.

Most common are MVA, Kelley, Baldwin, and now Shaver Deluxe. If you have a Snover you have just about struck gold. The guys on the Shiloh board like Heilman and Kermit, too. The Red River (ex Parts Unknown from the Ukraine) are not bad.

The usual replica scope sight is a MVA. They make several lengths in the old long tube style and now a repro Winchester/Lyman 5A.
The Chinese Leatherwood Malcolm scopes have decent glass, but their mounts are pretty rough. Buffalo Arms has a package deal of a Leatherwood scope in American made DZ mounts.
I don't know if Parsons and RHO are still making long tube scopes, but you might find one on the secondary market.
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