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Looks mean little in my book. The B-mag will be the first rimfire rifle with a strong enough action to safely fire a 33,000 plus psi pressure since the manufacture of the first Remington 591 and 592 rifles.

It may also, down the road, provide an opportunity to revive the 5mm Remington magnum rimfire.
The Ruger 77/22 has been capable of handling 'centerfire' pressures, since it was introduced - even more so, after they went to threaded barrels for everything.
The same goes for most of the CZ rimfire rifles.
The B-Mag isn't' breaking any new ground, except for die-hard Savage fans that are blind to other brands.

The B-Mag is, essentially, Savage's plastic interpretation the 77/22 - and a cheesy cock-on-closing version, at that.
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